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Which accessory you should use during Spring-Summer season?

Spring is coming and with it a new trend in accessories to make you look amazing. This beautiful accessory will become top during spring, which is only a few days away. Keep reading to discover what fashion item we refer to.

During the different fashion shows that took place in September, the designers Simone Rocha and Versace used hairpins to hold their model’s long hair on both sides, but nobody thought that this accessory would become a trend in spring-summer. Fashion has once again made us return to something we used during our childhood.

Hairpins become trend sooner than expected. The beautiful Pandora Skyes shared a picture using this accessory and Laura Jackson also shared in her Instagram account a nice hairstyle using beautiful hairpins.

This accessory has taken force within networks, becoming trend with a “Street style” as the beautiful actress Emili Sindlev during the fashion week in New York. So, if you still don’t have hairpins, you can start buying some because it will be a matter of time before you start seeing them everywhere. Do not stay out of the trend! Remember that they are ideal for bob hairstyle, the cutting trend of the season, but you can create your own style.

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