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Colors for “Spring Summer” season

Colors are quite important when talking about fashion and this New Year will not be the exception as the Pantone Institute has presented a Fashion Color Trend Report which highlights some colors that you will love. Do you want to know what colors we are talking about? Continue reading and find out.

Pantone always surprises us with the colors that await us for the next “Spring Summer 2018” season. This reflects how society is changing and the new demands of the market. This is why designers have to adapt to the expectations of the people and use the colors that consumers are asking for.

Spring-Summer comes with 12 tones with which you can create great combinations with more than four classic colors. Here are five of them so you can start creating unique combinations.

  1. Meadowlark – Pantone 13-0646
  2. Cherry Tomato – Pantone 17-1563
  3. Chili Oil – Pantone 18-1440
  4. Little Boy Blue – Pantone 16-4132
  5. Pink Lavender – Pantone 14-3207

Now that you know more about the colors for the next season, we invite you to visit our store so you can start creating your own look.


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